Nikos Moskofidis is an Architect & a Lighting Designer based in Athens, Greece. Born in the city of Thessaloniki to a carpenter father he soon grew interest in the craftship and later in the design of furniture and small objects made of wood.

Later on he studied Architecture in Florence|Italy, Portsmouth|UK & Xanthi|Greece where he completed his studies as an Architectural Engineer at d.u.t.h. Polytechnical School.

During that time he grew interest in music, photography & graphic design developing a series of concepts for websites for a multimedia firm & sketchbooks for a tattoo artist.

When he moved to athens he started working and educate himself in the field of Lighting Design, which remains until now his greatest passion. Eversince Nikos has had the pleasure of producing several small & large-scale Lighting Concepts & Schemes for some of the most active practices of the field in Greece.

Work aside Nikos has participated in a number of Graphic, Product & Architectural design contests, holds monthly Photoshop seminars & plays mean guitar for his band.

Contact him for any questions, seminar requests, comments & ideas. Always interested to hear from you about any projects you think would be suitable for him.