Jason Bruges Studio has completed a unique project for Great Ormond Street Hospital for children to improve their journey to theatre.The brief was to design and install a distraction artwork helping to create a calming yet engaging route that culminates in the patient’s arrival at the anaesthetic room. Inspiration came from the idea of viewing the patient journey as a ‘Nature Trail’, where the hospital walls become the natural canvas, with digital look out points that reveal the various ‘forest creatures’, including horses, deer, hedgehogs, birds and frogs, to the passerby.The work has been installed in the theatres floor within the hospital’s new Morgan Stanley Clinical Building, the first part of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre.

The work, which covers the corridor walls, has essentially two main elements; integrated LED panels and...

Global Rainbow

Art Production Fund and The Standard are pleased to present Global Rainbow, After the Storm, a monumental outdoor laser installation by American artist Yvette Mattern on view from 8pm to 2am nightly on November 27th through November 29th from the rooftop of The Standard, High Line and viewable to millions of New Yorkers. Organized in response to Hurricane Sandy, the artist will project seven beams of high power laser light over communities hit hard by the storm, originating on Manhattan's lower west side and spanning across Brooklyn toward the Rockaways. The installation aims to symbolize hope and act as a call to action to support the communities that were devastated by the storm.

Global Rainbow, After the Storm will illuminate the night sky and be visible for up to 35 miles depending on atmospheric conditions. Despite its significant...

Worship the Sky

Twilight Epiphany at Rice University in Houston is Turrell's 73rd skyspace & with its design he introduces elements—a pyramidal form, multilevel viewing, an open-air configuration, & audio components—that heighten the metaphorical thrust of his invitation to greet the light. The sculpture, architecturally devised by Thomas Phifer & Partners, interacts with both the rising and setting texan sun as a sequence of programed LED lights dance across the structure's ceiling in sync with these particular moments of light which occur with earth's constant state of revolution around the star.

In the morning, the light show begins forty minutes before the first glimpse of sunlight, where in the evening, the display begins with the slow disappearance of the sun's glow. 'Twilight Epiphany' joins in with the...

Bent the Light

London-based art and design studio TROIKA's vision for 'future primitives project' as part of the biennale interieur 2012 is entitled 'ARCADES' - a site specific light installation exploring what is intangible and what is physical. Set up in a former stable building in the historical town of old buda island in belgium, the artwork is an archway given shape by a series of 14 columns of light that are met by a fresnel lens refracting the rays of light that travel through its focal point. On exiting the lens the rays do not just change direction but bend hyperbolically to form the arches of gothic architecture - an immaterial structure.

The experimental project combines the elements of science and philosophy articulated through intersecting the disciplines of sculpture, architecture and art where the implanted...

Water Light Graffiti

Conceived by french digitalarti artlab residence designer antonin fourneau, WATER LIGHT GRAFFITI is a wall comprised by thousands of LED lights that become illuminated through contact with water or moisture. located in poitiers, france, this public installation can be manipulated with a paintbrush, a water gun, fingers or anything damp to embed a vivid digital message. the piece forms an interactive communal urban space which visually communicates ephemeral messages without deterioration. More @

The Icebook

Davy & Kristin are an award winning director/designer duo whose projects range from music videos, commercials, animation films and installations to live theatre shows, dance performances, video projections and everything in between. They created THE ICEBOOK and recently directed, designed and performed a critically acclaimed stage adaptation of Howl’s Moving Castle at the Southwark Playhouse in London. The Ice Book is a miniature theatre show made of paper and light. An exquisite experience of fragile paper cutouts and video projections that sweep you right into the heart of a fantasy world. It is an intimate and immersive experience of animation, book art and performance. Watch the film @

Interactive Light Installation at mental health care

Studio Roosegeerde created an interactive artwork, called LUNAR which features a series of interactive light objects placed at the Youth division of Mental Health Care GGz in Breda, the Netherlands. Filled with LEDs and interactive technologies, the objects are designed to ‘come to life’ by emitting sounds and color upon detection of children’s touch.

By intervening with the existing architecture, LUNAR creates an informal play between children, their therapy and the building. Check it out @